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Waist Beads  Wholesale Vendors List (Instant Email)

Waist Beads Wholesale Vendors List (Instant Email)


Waist Beads are the perfect accessory to complete every outfit and keep you in shape, and in style. Why not add them to your boutique. We've done the work for you by selecting the perfect vendors and paying the wholesale price.  Get instant access to suppliers that can get your brand started today.  Kickstart your waistbead business with our vendors list! 

Waist beads for all shapes and sizes.

Variety of colors and designs.


Price: $499.99 incluedes the following: One-time payment

(Waist Beads Wholesale Vendors List + Brand Idenity Campaign)


Purchase your Waist Beads Wholesale Vendors List  for $499.99 and partner with a professional brand identity designers to strategize to create the visual elements of your brand.  We get your started!

These elements include your logo, color palette, typography, image style, and general look and feel. These should be unique to your company, complete your How to Create a Powerful Brand Identity (A Step-by-Step Guide) with professional brand identity designers. 


Now, that you want to start your Waist Beads business let us help you with the following steps. 

When your payment is received you are emailed the wholesale vendors list instantly, look over it and began to click and call vendors. You will be contacted via email or by phone  within 48 hours from your purchase date to start your Brand Identity Campaign. This usually takes 5-7 business days to create and launch. You will have full control over your creative work, we are just here to help!


STEP 1: Complete Your Brand Strategy.

STEP 2: Dig Into Your Current Brand Identity. 

STEP 3: Know Your Personas. 

STEP 4: Identify Your Competition. 

STEP 5: Write Your Creative Brief. 

STEP 6: Brainstorm Your Visuals. 

STEP 7: Design Your Individual Elements. 

STEP 8: Build Your Brand Style Guide.