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Welcome All CEO's!


We have updated our site for 2021, selling our very own vendors list.  Get ready!


The Professional Private Label Sales Team are so excited to open our market. The owner has a Professional Private Label WHOLESALE VENDORS LIST starting at $10 Bucks with over 500 vendors total that has worked for brands around the globe. We place products in stores, build sites, and help thousands run their online beauty stores have been a blast!


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Wholesale & Vendors List
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Purchase our Digital Download PDF Files to Your Email Instantly Connecting You Directly to Vendors Locally and Around the World. We show you how to research, connect, buy, and sell.

We've been in the business over 20 years and have established direct relationship with and other local vendors from: hair extensions, packaging, labeling, products, hair accessories, shoes, hats, & hand bags, clothing, nails supplies, hair care, skin care, pet products, you name it, and more!

Learn how you can private label anything with our PPL Marketing 101 7-Step Videos.


Start your business today. 

PPL also helps with credit repair of all types click the link provided: and purchase the E-Book Wealthy is a Mindset  that will help you build a wealthy mindset and a successful brand-career. I look forward to meeting all of you. We will have a Zoom meeting for all who wants to participate in building their brands speaking to entrepreneurs who are successful branding and selling their products and purchasing from our vendors list.



- K. Jackson